September 8, 2012

MAC Attack

Fashion shows are usually all over in a few short minutes, though the work that went into producing them was immense and often spanned months of planning, blood, sweat and tears.
As well as the designers there's usually a bunch of unsung heroes - stylists, models, assistants, hair and makeup artists etc - all contributing to the overall package that comes down the runway.

For me, the details really count. A loose thread hanging from the back of a skirt, ill-fitting shoes that cause the model's walk to become more distracting than what she's wearing, hairstyles that come apart, straps that slip off shoulders, music that skips, or tape that's sticking out the sides of shoes all totally freak me out. Hey, I have high expectations!

On the flipside though, seeing immaculately put-together pieces, hearing a seamless soundtrack of tunes that totally nail the vibe and heighten the drama, little touches thought up by the stylists, and hair and makeup that perfectly complements the whole damn package can all leave you buzzing.

I've always had a little thing for MAC's makeup cards, and the shows they covered for New Zealand Fashion Week this year were pretty fab face-wise, so here are my favourites. Clock the nails too.

Special mentions for stunning hair go to Zambesi (which I believe was done by wunderkind Jason Chong Li), the glossy brushed-out beehives at Juliette Hogan, and the bubble-gum pink daubs at Riddle Me This.


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