September 23, 2012

Lovely New Things

My favourite new grown-up bag, from my friend Jann's online accessories boutique Handpicked

It's like an oversized purse, with a silver clasp fastening and an almost vintagey shape, but it feels very modern and minimal and is a super versatile way to add a cool and ladylike finish to a look. It's also surprisingly roomy, and the perfect size for larger essentials like iPads and magazines.

Jann does a very smart edit of affordable bags, jewellery and scarves - I challenge you not to find something you'd like to own. I have two Handpicked bags already and my collection is likely to grow.

Pansies from the garden. There's only three because most of the others have already been enjoyed a little bit by caterpillars.

Chanel Rouge Allure in Super. One of my more daring pinks to date, brighter than it looks in the photos but goes on quite light and smooth so it isn't too shocking. Good for brightening all-black looks but also the perfect inspiration for clashing prints and wilder daubs of colour.

Eau Thermale Avène cleanser and makeup remover, given as a gift by another friend Emma who's setting up a fabulous Auckland-based beauty and hair website called Fixy.

I've taken to using it every night instead of a face wash. This stuff just sweeps around the face with a cotton pad and lifts everything off beautifully, and feels quite nourishing so doesn't require anything extra like a moisturiser or night cream.


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