September 16, 2012

Daisy Daisy

So yep, I look a bit like an overgrown child in these photos, but the fact was it was incredibly windy and the second I stepped outside I was fighting this dress down like Marilyn over a subway grate.

When the dress isn't billowing out like a hot air balloon it's actually super sweet, with a white daisy print and clever little pleats at the slightly dropped waist. I love the loose fit and the very light but slightly grainy fabric.

It's kind of cutesy by nature, which isn't what I'd necessarily expect from Lonely Hearts, who err towards goth-luxe/dark and edgy, but they do have a playful side and I guess this is it. I think if you keep everything else a bit cool and grungy then it's the perfect foil. Ankle boots, bag with studs, all black everything, messy hair - that kind of thing.

If it wasn't so hot I would have topped it with a leather jacket, which might have added a bit of structure and weight to the shape, and been a nice contrast to the floaty material and pretty print.

I could also have used a pair of sunglasses, as the sun was right in my eyes, hence the overt downward gaze.

You can't see the bracelets very well here but they are by Scosha and woven from silk fly line, one is set with a tiny emerald and one with a tiny diamond. I really like how understated they are, but with that secret little luxury. Scosha is a New York-based jewellery label, designed by Australian Scosha Woolridge. It's pretty lovely.


Wearing: Lonely Hearts dress, Scosha bracelets, Stolen Girlfriends Club and Karen Walker rings, Acne boots, Alexander Wang Diego bag.


Photos by Michael Humphrey

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