June 29, 2012

American Girl

Karen Walker is something of an institution in New Zealand fashion. I bet most girls will remember the very first piece they bought, and harbor fond memories of their favourites over the years.

Here are my picks from the latest 'American Girl' range, from both the mainline and Runway collections. Classic KW – girly, sporty, chic, playful, wearable, cleverly tailored and daubed with fresh hues and striking signature prints.

Don’t even get me started on her jewellery and eyewear. Okay do, but another time. 


June 24, 2012

Stare At The Sun

It's been a while since I've had a full-blown sunglass obsession.

Thinking back, quite possibly it hasn't been since the heady days of my Karen Walker Deep Freeze's, which the boyfriend promptly left on a bus in Los Angeles (still hurts).

There isn't much sun in London, so my craving for new eyewear has diminished in the last little while, but being a homeward-bound Antipodean born directly into the fierce embrace of the sun, it was about time I cast my eye around (is there a pun there somewhere? If so, intended) for something fresh and new.

Cue Ksubi Rana's. Specifically, cue Ksubi Rana's being worn by Mandy Shadforth, aka Oracle Fox. I've played it way too safe with sunglasses lately (hi Ray-Bans, still love you though), and seeing the feline curves and big bold blackness of this perfect pair gleaming in actual proper downunder sun sets my heart racing.

They are definitely on the oversized end of the spectrum, which doesn't always sit well on my face (literally and figuratively), but sometimes with sunglasses I do think you just have to throw self-consciousness to the wind and make a statement.

Also wearing hair down and a bit messy should soften the impact - but not too much. Meow!


Images via Oracle Fox

June 22, 2012

Pretty Friday Pictures

How great is this drawing by Kelly Thompson? Fluffy bunnies, cowboy boots, frilly knickers, hot redhead – what more can you ask for?

Picture this really big (‘cause it is), in an old oaky vintage frame, on the wall of my dream house. That’s what I’m doing anyway.

Kelly is pretty amazing, as you can see here and here, and not only does she look like a modern day pin-up girl and draw and paint like a dream, she’s also a damn fine fashion photographer. Girl crush.


House Of Hackney

Just four more days until the Opening Ceremony X House of Hackney range of clothing is released to the feverish public.

Those not yet familiar with House Of Hackney (yes I know, not the most original choice of name on the block… House of Holland and House of Harlow, hello?) - they're pretty much the hippest new interiors designers in London. They create all kinds of lovely decadent things, from wallpaper, china and furniture to bed linen and lighting, in (so far) five custom prints that give off a beguiling "Laura Ashley gone mad" vibe.

With backgrounds in fashion and design, it was inevitable that designers Frieda Gormley and Javvy M Royle should have a dabble in clothing, and I literally cannot think of a better match than with Opening Ceremony.

There's smock dresses (yes please!) with Peter Pan collars and slouchy pockets to sink your hands into, skater styles in skirts and dresses, velvety dungarees, high-waisted billowy shorts and a bunch of must-have knits.

Naturally I can't get past the animal print - dubbed 'Wild Card' - stripped out to a subtlety it's hard to achieve with such a ubiquitous print, but there's also a choice of two takes on the 'Dalston Rose', big juicy blooms that sit elegantly yet edgily somewhere between chintzy and sinister.

Be still my East London-based heart!


June 19, 2012

I Heart Magazines #3

Amazing new very sexy orange Twin VI is out, starring Imogen Poots, the English rose taking over Tinseltown, Montreal beauty Grimes and steely starlet Vicky McClure.

Oh Comely is looking for a craft editor and a features writer

125 Magazine is now taking photographic submissions for its next incredible tome, with ‘Time’ as a starting point. 

The new issue of Port is also out, with a foody theme. There’s a Juergen Teller shoot with Nigella Lawson, secret cities from Paloma Picasso and food-inspired fashion shoots with summer staples from Giorgio Armani, Alfred Dunhill, Prada and Christian Dior. Sneak peek here and nice little review here.

For those in or considering the independent magazine game, The Little Magazine Coalition would be a good friend to have. They’re just getting started but are striving to “make small magazines more visible and professionally viable, through gatherings, workshops and the fostering of business partners”. They already have some great little titles on board and it’s almost inspiration enough to have a go myself (almost).

From about a month ago, but worth a read if you haven’t already, is this piece by Eva Wiseman from The Observer about the Groundhog Day that is reading women’s glossies. 

Other magazine food for thought, this piece by Hayley Phelan on the evolution of the fashion editor, this piece for The Guardian by Mark Hooper on the internet as the unlikely savior of print magazines (fingers crossed!), and this piece by David Hepworth on the shifting role of magazine editors. 

Unveiled in the June issue of British Vogue is ‘The Health Initiative’, a pact between the 19 international Vogue editors to encourage a healthier approach to body image within the industry, working only with models who they consider “are healthy and help to promote a healthy body image" and who are " ambassadors for the message of healthy body image". Will be interesting to see how this plays out.

And finally, a magazine cover Tumblr for a spot of inspiration.  


June 18, 2012

A Lula Summer

I previously posted on my dreams for summer, which so far have only come true for about three days, and only in part (i.e. the sun came out). I haven't given up on them though.

I also wouldn't mind being inside this beautiful shoot from the new issue of Lula, 'I Will Wait For You There', set against a dreamy Hawaiian backdrop and complete with a wardrobe of coolly feminine retro-inspired pieces. Crystal-encrusted cat-eyes, citrus-soled brogues and sparkly lamé swimsuits? Yes please!

Images via FashionEditorials.com

June 17, 2012

Albuquerque Cut Offs

My new Ksubi babies, an excellent fusion of some of my favourite things - blue denim, leopard print, and short shorts.

They're pretty special I think, as the leopard print is actually embroidered on in tactile black cotton, and they're cut from 12oz Japanese rigid denim, which (hopefully) means they're going to start out tough but will gradually soften in a nice organic way, be super comfy and sit perfectly to suit me and only me.

Ksubi's Albuquerque Cut Offs are pretty legendary in some parts, with a low slouchy cut, exposed pockets and just the right amount of distressing, and they come in a bunch of different colours, washes and prints. I'm pretty tempted to collect them all.


June 14, 2012

Opening Ceremony

While Stella McCartney’s designs for the British Olympic team didn’t set my world on fire, the upcoming collaboration between Opening Ceremony and Adidas Originals kinda has.

Celebrating both the upcoming Olympics and the launch of the first British OC store in London’s Covent Garden the FW12 capsule collection is super sporty and super cool – slick wet-suity fabrics and sleek cuts you could take on triathlon in, but liberally sprinkled with tiny ditsy daisies, splashed with a kind of marbled tie dye or shot through with squares of paisley.

Pretty in love with that floral cape, and those high-top sneakers…


Images via Oyster 

June 13, 2012

Girls Of Istanbul

I’m spending three weeks in Turkey this summer, and amongst the places I’m very excited about visiting is Istanbul.

I don’t yet know much about it, but I’m starting to learn, and though I will very likely frequent many of the usual holidaymaker haunts, having read pieces like this and this from amazing creative interview site Freunde Von Freunden, I’d also like to go beyond the tourist trappings - hang out in the interesting back streets, sip Turkish coffee in cool cafes that aren’t in any guide books and generally see how things are done Istanbul style.

If you aren’t already a regular follower, Yvan Rodic, aka The Facehunter, takes a whole bunch of amazing city snaps in each place he goes, and I’ve just had a wonderful wander through his Istanbul pics. 

Apart from the soaring turrets, intricate mosques, elegantly crumbling apartment buildings, sparkling water and vibrant markets where you can almost smell the spices and herbs and taste the Turkish Delight (I will be consuming a lot of this), it looks like there’s also a pretty cool scene art/fashion/culture-wise, and the people seem super relaxed and friendly. So excited!


Images via YvanRodic.com