October 30, 2012

Looks I Like

Looks I like this week involve -

Black and white blazers - the obvious next step when tired of an all-black model. (Also love Olivia's matching blues - shirt to shoes.)

Bracelets! Everyone's wearing them. One wrist or two.

A slouchy oversized knit with just a peek of leather shorts beneath.

October 29, 2012

The Inimitable Grace Coddington

Some cute little characterful drawings by Grace Coddington, from her soon to be released memoir, Grace.

Also, if you haven't seen her last book of drawings, The Catwalk Cats, you really, really should…


October 28, 2012

American Luxury

Some excerpts from the Wall Street Journal's recent piece on the Olsen twins, sent to me by a lovely friend who knows of and fully accepts my quiet girl crush on them…  x

"The photographer hasn't uttered a single word. She doesn't need to. The whole thing happens organically, seamlessly, without a wasted moment or modicum of tension - it may well be the fastest and least stressful photo shoot on record. When it's over, the Olsens ditch their well-worn Manolo Blahnik alligator Carolyne spikes for flats (Balenciaga loafers for Mary-Kate, suede Manolo sandals for Ashley), thank everyone politely and light up cigarettes."

October 26, 2012

Love Cats

These are the first sneak peeks of a collaboration between cool jewel makers Meadowlark and the SPCA, on sale next week. Cuteness.

It's not the first time Meadowlark have dabbled in kittehs - they also do some pretty mean cat-ear designs and these fierce leopard-print rings I wrote about a while back. But this is even better as it's for a good cause!

I'm hoping that t-shirt is also up for grabs…

Happy weekend!


October 23, 2012

Dress Versus Dress

I'm going to purchase a new dress this week. I've been living in shorts and jeans and shirts and tees too long.

These are the two I'm liking the most - Karen Walker's Sea Chain dress in spotted twill and Romance Was Born's Captain America contrast t-shirt dress.

They're both quite different but I love them equally... 

Which should I choose? All thoughts/feedback welcome...


October 22, 2012

Lovely New Things

Studded leather penny loafers from Zara. No one would call me preppy, nor do I buy too strongly into the whole boy/girl thing, but I love a good loafer as much as the next girl, and these have studs, so it's all okay. The leather is thick and they're very nicely made, so once I've broken them in a bit they're going to be a key flat shoe go-to.

NO magazine
#15. I recently posted this shoot with Charlotte Free, but there's a lot more good stuff in there.

MAC nail polishes from their new permanent range, in Girl About Town (creamy bright pink) and Anti-Fashion (frosted sludgy purple).

Treats From Little And Friday. A new cookbook by Kim Evans, photographed by Rene Vaile, featuring delicious bakery recipes from her very special cafe Little And Friday.


October 18, 2012

Deadly Ponies

Oopsie daisies, I just bought this Deadly Ponies bag I've been eyeing for a while. Smiley face.

I've been working like mad lately and was having terrible cravings for treats. So I treated myself.

This little chap's official name is Mr Mini Chain Mail. How sweet is he?

He's cut from buttersoft deer skin and comes in a whole bunch of beautiful surprising colours like canary yellow and dusty rose. I hovered for days over the ink version, but in the end my practical New Zealand nature won and I opted for black. Sorry!

He has a big brother too, who has furry chains (nicer than it sounds!). I would like him too. Best I go do some more work then…


October 16, 2012

Looks I Like

Looks I like this week include:

Super skinny black pants/trousers/jeans/jeggings/leggings.

Sporty sneakers.

Still with the embellishment! I need to get something with some bling.

Bare ankles. Nearly there.

Big coats with contrast sleeves.

Bags with chain straps.


Healthy-looking effortless hair.

Furry jackets.


October 15, 2012


I wrote a review of local sweetheart Frankie magazine for The News. You can read it here.


October 14, 2012

A Show Of Hands

The other night I went to a party-type thing called Food & People (if you live in Auckland you should go), where each week there's a petite menu of delicious morsels put together by various guest speakers in collaboration with a local chef.

It was really quite a nice evening, and I was lucky enough to pose briefly for an amazing ink painting that was being worked on live by Henrietta Harris, who is a very cool Auckland-based artist.

So, these are my hands…


Girl Of My Dreams

Lula No.15 is out now. Magazine of my dreams.


October 13, 2012


Another amazing silver ring to add to my List Of Silver Rings I Would Like. 

This one's called the Pawnshop ring, from Company Of Strangers, handmade in New Zealand. 

It was created by recasting a stack of heirloom engagement rings in sterling silver.

I love the vintage/contemporary clash.


October 9, 2012


Not only is this the flashest and most technologically-advanced piece of workout-wear I've ever laid eyes on, they're also the raddest leggings I've ever owned, generally.