September 13, 2012

JW Anderson + Topshop

I feel that if I don't get my hands on one of the quilted paisley tops from the JW Anderson for Topshop collection that drops tomorrow, my world will be just a little bit darker.

I love a bit of paisley (who doesn't?), and I love the classic muted hues, the t-shirt cut and the boxy but feminine shape. I love JW Anderson, and I love the £59.99 price point.

I'm also quite fond of the matching paisley skirts, the graphic patterned tees, the bomber jackets, the red tortoise print and oh my god the spooky intarsia knits! There's a ghost and a bat and some big yellow eyes! Eeek!

Have a look at the whole lot here.

J-Dub is the coolest young Irishman in all the fashion land. He's only been doing womenswear since 2010, but has one of those cult followings that comes from doing just the right thing at just the right time, staying fresh, having a smart eye for detail, and not taking it all too seriously.

I'm not normally one for high street/designer collabs as almost without fail the lower price point also means lower quality and higher disappointment, but I'm prepared to throw caution to the wind here for a piece of that paisley.


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  1. As well as the clothing there are cool little bits from 99p - a cute silver brooch, a poster, a disposable camera, coloured pencils, an iPad case and bucket bags in blue and cream… Each under £15! I am excited! x


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