June 24, 2012

Stare At The Sun

It's been a while since I've had a full-blown sunglass obsession.

Thinking back, quite possibly it hasn't been since the heady days of my Karen Walker Deep Freeze's, which the boyfriend promptly left on a bus in Los Angeles (still hurts).

There isn't much sun in London, so my craving for new eyewear has diminished in the last little while, but being a homeward-bound Antipodean born directly into the fierce embrace of the sun, it was about time I cast my eye around (is there a pun there somewhere? If so, intended) for something fresh and new.

Cue Ksubi Rana's. Specifically, cue Ksubi Rana's being worn by Mandy Shadforth, aka Oracle Fox. I've played it way too safe with sunglasses lately (hi Ray-Bans, still love you though), and seeing the feline curves and big bold blackness of this perfect pair gleaming in actual proper downunder sun sets my heart racing.

They are definitely on the oversized end of the spectrum, which doesn't always sit well on my face (literally and figuratively), but sometimes with sunglasses I do think you just have to throw self-consciousness to the wind and make a statement.

Also wearing hair down and a bit messy should soften the impact - but not too much. Meow!


Images via Oracle Fox

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