June 13, 2012

Girls Of Istanbul

I’m spending three weeks in Turkey this summer, and amongst the places I’m very excited about visiting is Istanbul.

I don’t yet know much about it, but I’m starting to learn, and though I will very likely frequent many of the usual holidaymaker haunts, having read pieces like this and this from amazing creative interview site Freunde Von Freunden, I’d also like to go beyond the tourist trappings - hang out in the interesting back streets, sip Turkish coffee in cool cafes that aren’t in any guide books and generally see how things are done Istanbul style.

If you aren’t already a regular follower, Yvan Rodic, aka The Facehunter, takes a whole bunch of amazing city snaps in each place he goes, and I’ve just had a wonderful wander through his Istanbul pics. 

Apart from the soaring turrets, intricate mosques, elegantly crumbling apartment buildings, sparkling water and vibrant markets where you can almost smell the spices and herbs and taste the Turkish Delight (I will be consuming a lot of this), it looks like there’s also a pretty cool scene art/fashion/culture-wise, and the people seem super relaxed and friendly. So excited!


Images via YvanRodic.com 

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