June 8, 2012

Own The Rain

The long stretch without outfit shots is in large part due to the veeeery average weather we've been having here, which tosses and turns from cloudy to cold to rainy to windy, or sometimes throws out all four at once. 

It's hard to imagine less than a fortnight ago we were all peeling off every layer we could, dusting off our favourite sunglasses and banishing coats and boots to the back of the wardrobe... welcome back coats and boots!

Therefore I've been giving thought to how to get through these grey and splashy days with dignity and panache (note: need to look up what exactly this is), and all the above pics have one thing in common. Owning the rain. You can smile or you can pout, carry an umbrella (make sure it's chic!) or say to hell with it, or just pretend there is no rain (it’s wet-look!), but do it with style and people will pretty much forget about those pesky raindrops.

Stayed tuned for the ultimate rainy-day bag. I have found it, and it is a thing of beauty.


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