June 6, 2012

The Adelaide Dress

Meet Adelaide, my new summer dress from rag & bone that all my hopes and dreams are resting on. 

For some reason unknown to me (possibly just being super picky), I find it incredibly hard to find really great summer dresses. And I don’t want to wear any summer dresses except really great ones. So I often find myself with no summer dresses at all.

So, what is great about it? 
  • It’s rag & bone and they can do very little wrong in my eyes – the epitome of quality contemporary classics with a cool twist.
  • The draping means it’s not see-through. Hallelujah! It also means all ills are cleverly concealed, including my pet hate, the VPL.
  • It doesn’t have an elasticated waist, which always makes me feel creepy and uncomfortable. Am I alone in this? I've always wondered. Probably.
  • While it is by definition more than half black, it’s not going to suck in the heat like an actual black dress would, and will look far less ridiculous on hot days than an all-black number.
  • I like the tulip skirt. And the loose t-shirty overlay adds a bit of casual cool.
  • It contains 25% cotton, so is going to be fairly cool and breathable. Ideally I’d like a larger percentage, but the other 75%, which I think is man-made something (polyester?) ensures it sits well and keeps its shape.
  • The cut at the front, back and under-arms is not too low or gaping, so I can wear a normal bra and no one has to look at it. Phew.
  • I can wear it with any kind of footwear from ankle boots and high-tops to wedges and flat sandals, plus add tights and jackets/cardigans when the weather cools. And I can dress it up or down. Hard-working much?!
  • It’s simple and understated but not boring (at least I hope), and is the kind of thing I’d normally wear – the draping, the shape and the print are edgy enough that I don’t feel like I’ve bought something out of the sheer desperation of needing something to wear when it’s properly hot. If that makes any sense.

You can get your own Adelaide at a bunch of places but I got mine from ASOS and it’s on sale, oh yes!


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