June 2, 2012

Queen Of Colour

I know this Vogue pic has been doing the rounds for a while but I just think it’s pretty cool and hey, this week is all about Her Maj.

I’m going to overlook the fact that at no point did she wear a drop of grey, white or leopard-print and only 2% black, so I don’t think we’re going to be able to share each other’s wardrobes, but she works colour, print, handbags and hats like a total boss, and I think we’d be great friends. Seriously, some of my best friends wear colour. (Call me!)

This is only one year’s worth of ensembles, and apparently the Queen attends well over 300 engagements a year, loves fashion and fabrics and has the final say on every outfit. But as you start enviously imagining the size of her wardrobe (I bet it’s walk-in…) check out her shoes! I swear to god she is wearing the same pair of black pumps in every single picture. Does she just have one pair at a time she wears to death (recessionista!) or does she literally have 365 pairs? Either way, girl knows what she likes, and I appreciate that…

Happy Jubilee!


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