April 16, 2012

Twin Peak Chic

What I learned from watching Twin Peaks (20 years late)

- big hair is good, but it needs to be shiny and soft
- big sweaters are also good, make them chunky, cabled and/or slouchy or tap some Navajo/global traveller/Après-ski inspiration
- team your big hair and big sweater with a big coat, and you're set 
- don't be afraid of losing your figure to a midi skirt layered with a long cardi and knee boots
- pencil skirts are not just for the office
- natural eyebrow shapes are to be embraced, but make sure they're tidy
- lipstick neatly applied with a brush is a must, pick a shade of red, any shade
- take a tip from the boys, whether it's the bikers, the jocks or the woodsmen - but do it elegantly
- having secrets is chic - project an air of dreamy mystery whenever possible


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