April 10, 2012

The Beauty Cabinet: Kelly Thompson

Kelly Thompson, Illustrator and Photographer

"I’m a groomer. I like to play with my appearance and experiment with make-up colours and styles. I always wear lipstick and I'm of the thought that you may as well enjoy your looks while you're young, and have fun!

I colour my hair every four to six weeks, for the last five+ years it has been bright copper or variations of copper.

I cleanse my face twice a day, and thoroughly treat and moisturise my face, eyes and neck. I’m not so great on the body moisturiser as I hate feeling even slightly greasy. I think this stems from teenage years of having a very oily complexion! 

My night product has a combination of exfoliants in it, so I refrain from any additional exfoliating.

I am a make-up wearer - I trained as a MAC makeup artist in the past so I’m always playing. Most days I wear foundation and under-eye concealer. I always wear mascara unless I’m at the beach, and I love blushers, and bright lips.

About four months ago I went and had a facial and was put on to Rationale Skincare. The Rationale range is a cosmeceutical range which is like the next step up from your standard skincare. It’s made up of a combination of organic acids, antioxidants and vitamins.

Basically since I was 12 I’ve had trouble with my skin and by my mid-20s it was under control, but it was left looking a bit dull and irregular. Since using Rationale my skin has completely, completely changed, I am nothing short of amazed by it, it’s the only skincare I’ve ever used that has actually delivered on its promises. They give you two weeks’ worth of product to sample first which is gold, and within those two weeks my complexion was transformed, even my man commented, and you know they never notice that stuff.

Other than that I love MAC creme blushers because they make everyone so rosy and fresh, their lipsticks because they have so many brights, and their paint pots for under-eye shadow. I really like Clarins matte foundation and YSL touche eclat.

At the moment I’m wearing a fragrance called ‘Elixir’ by Penhaligon's London, they've been around since 1870 and my fragrance is very heady, dark and woody. I love the bottle and I also love that it’s not a fragrance that you ever pass in the street. I like fragrances that are different and boutique.

My cabinet is maybe a little full! But I like to keep it organised and clean.

My health tip is to go and see a Chinese medical practitioner, they are amazing. No more fixing things with drugs, they go straight to the source and balance you out bit by bit - so good!"

Have a look at Kelly's illustrations and photos here.

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