April 4, 2012

Blue Jean Dreams

I’ve been a loyal disciple of skinny jeans for much of my adult life, the skinnier the better, but just of late I’ve found myself eyeing up images of stylish folk taking the air in something quite different – the boyfriend jean – and the idea of slipping on denim that sits low and loose at the waist, is perfectly loveworn in all the right places, can be gently cuffed to show off the ankle and is so relaxed that you feel relaxed wearing it (look how relaxed they look!) is really growing on me.
The more I look, the more I like them. I think it’s the versatility (dress them down with flats, knits, tees, layers; dress them up with blazers, shirts, platforms, heels), the air of effortlessness and inner confidence the wearer exudes… and they just look so damn comfortable. There’s nothing overtly sexy about them, but worn right they lend a look plenty of chic and cool and just the right amount of edge.
So I’ve been doing a spot of research, particularly with some rather lovely holidays abroad coming up increasing the need to be comfy and chic, and here’s where I’m at.
Almost all boyfriend styles currently out there are finished with a mild to moderate amount of distressing, from gentle fading right through to large stringy holes. I am not a fan of large stringy holes, (though I don’t mind this style on others), so my boyfs are going to have to be erring on the side of the gentle fade. That narrows it down, but doesn’t take me out of the running.
Next is colour. I'm looking for a pretty exact shade of blue, not too dark, not too light. Normally with skinnies I'd go for a darker hue (slimming, don't you know), but a clean mid-blue with just a touch of fading seems about right for me for this brave new adventure.
The contenders at this stage are -
Despite the terrible, terrible name, at this point the GAP pair are the closest to what I think I’m looking for...
I’ll post the results soon, with pics.


  1. Tattered jeans are sometimes comfy to wear.

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  2. Great blog and pics:)
    Kisses from New York.


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