April 25, 2012

I Heart Magazines #1

Some of you may already know or follow my Facebook group, We Heart Magazines - it's basically just a place I add regular snippets of magazine news, plus shoots, covers and editorial that catch my eye. It's been going since November 2010 and currently has 467 followers.

Since some of my most popular posts on this blog have been magazine-related (like this and this), I thought it might be good to consolidate the best of We Heart Magazines into a neat little parcel for War Paint & Roses. Good?

First up, remember The Face? It was a pop culture magazine that ran from May 1980 to May 2004, and was definitely one of the best of the time, or since. Test Pressing has run a really great and rare interview with the founder and editor Nick Logan. It's loooong, but totally worth your time.

Second is the news that Fashion East founder and all-round amaze babe Lulu Kennedy has just been announced as Editor-at-Large at LOVE magazine.

Third just gives a little nudge to a rumour that's already been doing the rounds for a while, concerning the irrepressible Carine Roitfeld (ex Editor in Chief of Paris Vogue) and her upcoming magazine venture. According to The Cut, the magazine is due out in September, will be biannual, based in New York and more book-like than magazine-esque. There will be no “front of the book” section and its emphasis will be “fashion with a lot of freedom," says she of the centre-part, smokey eyes and fabulous legs.

Finally, one of my current faves so super excited, Issue 9 of interiors-based Apartamento magazine is out now. Get it! (Also watch out for my interview with Editor in Chief Marco Velardi, coming soon).


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