May 17, 2012

La Vie En Rose

This is really a Lovely New Things post, but I couldn’t resist this title. Hopefully it will put the heart-wrenchingly exquisite sound of Edith Piaf in your head as you read.

Remember how I said a while back that one of the few colours I was prepared to embrace this season was rose, and that ideally it would be in the form of a silk blouse or slouchy blazer? Well, meet the silk blouse, care of Equipment.

This particular shade of rose errs on the very delicate side of the spectrum, hovering in an elegant way between dusky, blush, nude and powder-pink (and make no mistake, these are all entirely different colours), but I’m perfectly in love. The silk has been ‘washed’, which gives it deliciously cool and powdery finish, and I challenge you to find a fabric that feels more sophisticated and feminine.

Nestling there on the top are my new tiny silver earrings, which I promise to stop going on about, and a pot of MAC Fluidline eye liner in Blacktrack, as well as a special super fine Smashbox brush, through which I plan to finally master the elusive cat eye. Being cursed with low patience levels, this has so far never come to fruition, but I am determined.


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