May 8, 2012

Get Shorty

I have, in all seriousness, been looking for the perfect pair of leather shorts for a really, really long time.

Others seek enlightenment, wisdom, strength, the meaning of life, the holy grail... I seek leather shorts. 

Until now. I don't want to jinx it, but the search may be over. 

Behold, the Rag & Bone Portobello. Muted black. Not too short, too tight or too high-waisted. Good quality butter-soft washed leather. Belt loops, a classic zip front, back pockets. No unnecessary details. 

I've just purchased these off Net-a-Porter, and I admit I've looked at them about a million times previously, but shied away from the price tag, until today, when the dreaded red 'low stock' marker popped up on my wishlist. 

At this point I referred myself to the newly minted best-phrase-ever, via Helena Bonham Carter in her recent Interview Magazine interview (well worth a read BTW) - "'Fuck it' is my guiding philosophy." So... fuck it. Eek! Nothing even remotely as potentially perfect has presented itself in all this time (and heaven knows I've tried), I know I'll get plenty of wear out of them, and, well, fuck it...

Cross your fingers with me that they're everything I hope they'll be...


Images via La Garçonne

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