May 1, 2012

Daily Essentials

As those of my workmates that sit near me will attest, there are three items I have on my desk at all times that I am very partial to, and very particular about.

Spritzes. Oh god, I love a good spritz. It’s the perfect pick-me-up at any time. My favourite times for a spritz are – on planes, in hotel rooms with air conditioning, during hangovers and headaches – but most especially at work, as the air conditioning here is suuuuper heavy duty to cater for the several hundred people that I share an office with, and combined with quite severe lighting (those Murano glass chandeliers are pretty dazzling) sometimes feel like I might crumble into a pile of ash and blow gently away.

These two are my current favourites – Jurlique Rosewater Balancing Mist (which has the perfect delicate rose scent and while it doesn’t actually noticeably do much for the skin, feels cool and light and refreshing going on) and Caudalie Beauty Elixir. Once you get used to the super invigorating cocktail of grape, orange blossom, rose, organic balm mint and rosemary (it’s deliciously potent!), this one's pretty addictive, and skin genuinely looks and feels better instantly. Get some!

Tea. While I start the day with a latte, throughout the day I usually have two, three or more cups of tea, which I select from the five, six or more boxes I keep in my drawers. My current favourite is this Caudalie (obsessed! read this lovely interview with founder Mathilde Thomas and Garance Doré  here if you want to know more) Vinotherapie Spa herbal brew, packed with a delicious blend of cinnamon, blueberry, red vine, sweet orange zest and blackcurrant. It’s supposed to be slimming, by draining excess water and toxins, as well as creating a sense of well-being. Sense of well-being definitely noted, slimming not so much, but these things take time you know, and it tastes and smells really nice.

Otherwise the regulars are green tea with jasmine, white tea (not the kind with milk), peppermint, rooibos with vanilla and some kind of German loose-leaf concoction that my sister bought me, which has flower petals and a lot of green, fresh-smelling bits.

Magazines. I love having a job where reading magazines is pretty much essential (my last job was writing and editing magazines, also good), and I try to make the most of it by surrounding myself with piles of the things, grabbing them from the rather good newsagent outside the station on the way in (they now also have a website) and topping up my fix from colleagues’ collections. 

Pictured above is the latest Acne Paper (in a fancy limited edition numbered box) and recent Harper’s Bazaar and Elle. Other favourite work-specific reads are UK Vogue, Russh, and Elle Collections (love this one!).


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