May 6, 2012

All The Pretty Sandals

I fell in love with a pair of Givenchy sandals, all pretty and powder-pink, with delicate leather straps finished in soft suede, then stamped with a fierce silver shark tooth. Perfect.

But then I saw a pair at Zara, in eggshell leather cut through with a cool sweep of snakeskin-effect white leather.

And then my eye was caught by the sorbet hues, dainty studs and girly bows on Red Valentino’s latest, and by two Topshop pairs, one in mocha suede trimmed with gold chain, the other in vanilla leather, stamped with bronze detailing.

And then I saw the braided-gold flats and cappuccino snakeskin-trimmed slingbacks by ChloĆ©.

I think I need a pair of pretty sandals.

I always feel a bit overwhelmed by the sheer number of flat sandals there are to choose from. Or maybe I'm underwhelmed. It's just not my jam and most of them are kinda boring and samey and don't feel great to wear or fill me with joy like heels, boots, wedges and the like. 

When I do buy them I usually go for black, and of course as a born and bred Antipodean I admittedly wear jandals (flip-flops, thongs, whatever you call them) whenever possible... Don't judge me. 

But I’m finding the icecreamy pastels and fresh whites irresistible, and it would certainly temper the predominance of black through the rest of my wardrobe...

Now the problem is choosing which flavour…


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