November 27, 2012

Stella Scents

As we rocket towards the exciting gift-giving days that are my birthday (11th December, presents and accolades totally welcome) and Christmas, I'm taking care not to fill the blog with even more wants and desires than I usually do, but here's one I think we can all enjoy.

Angel of Brit fashion Stella McCartney has just released her latest limited edition fragrance collection - three chunky little capsules encasing her signature rose scent, bedecked in some of the designer's most covetable prints of recent times.

I have one from last year's dreamy exotic/floral edition, and wish I'd bought the lot - they're the perfect size for having in your everyday bag and they are so, so pretty.

Dibs on the blue-and-blue pyjama-print one. Closely followed by the blue and yellow tile print, which reminds me of a sunny moment in a Moroccan palace…


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