November 12, 2012

Jewels By Friends

I have some very talented friends, and two of them just created some very special jewellery so I thought I'd better show it off a little.

Sydney-based Lucy Burke studied jewellery-making for fun but soon realised she had a bit of a passion for it, so went into business as Cry Wolf. 

One small but perfectly performed collection in, and I'm especially obsessed with the sterling silver Stardust ring, which has a locket detail just crying out for storing secrets.

Pebbles Hooper is already a bit of a star on the Auckland scene and runs a ridiculously cool boutique called Pencil, but she's just collaborated with Zora Bell Boyd on an achingly covetable trio of softly faceted sterling silver rings set with black sapphires, black diamonds and rubies.

Such clever girls!


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