November 26, 2012

Lovely New Things

Haven't done one of these posts in a while, lovely new things have thinned out lately as we try to save money for the move to our lovely new house, and for Christmas and travel in the new year.

One should never scrimp on new magazines though, and I couldn't wait a moment longer for sunglasses shaped like cat's ears…

Said eyewear are by Ksubi, and I'm very happy to finally have them in my life. Meow!

Fashion Quarterly, New Zealand's answer to Vogue. Love the cover shoot to pieces, love the slick 'How To' guide (how to dress like a stylist, walk in heels, wear a white shirt, take good photos for Facebook, look expensive on a budget) and there's even a little article in there by me on Anjhe Mules of Lucas Hugh.

The 50th issue of Frankie. I still have the first too, purchased the week I moved to Melbourne. Good memories! Anyway, it's just as good now, and this issue is a little bumper, with a sweet embossed cover and a bevy of smart/funny/chic stories and images.

Black, another cool Kiwi tome. This issue is in my opinion one of their best yet, and totally nails the balance between aspirational and accessible, international and local, and wordiness and imagery.

A personalised gift bag illustrated by the talented Kelly Thompson. Such a captivating image.

Dermalogica antioxidant hydramist. For those of you who know me or follow this blog may also know of my obsession with facial sprays, spritzes and mists. This one smells surprisingly of cloves and is moisturising to the point of oversaturation. Would be good for super dry skin.

Sans Baobab regenerative body cream. Created by the lovely Lucy Marr, it smells like a luxurious island holiday and promises to "plump and refine skin texture". Not sure my skin needs any plumping, but it will be a nice treat on a summer day, and I love the Sans branding/packaging.


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