November 6, 2012

Home Sweet Home

We're currently house-hunting, which, after just a couple of weeks, is hovering at about 80 percent exciting and 20 percent energy-sapping. 

To keep myself motivated and in order not to lose focus of what we're looking for and make the wrong compromises, I've been doing a spot of scrapbooking.

No place is better for clocking cool interiors, in my opinion, than Freunde von Freunden. It's like The Selby without the pretension, warmer, friendlier and more intimate, and with a proper introduction and insight into whoever's home or workspace you're lucky enough to be poking your nose into.

Some things I'm loving for insides right now - 

A sense of humour
Piles of mismatched cushions
Ornaments with stories
Old maps, vintage classroom posters, science diagrams etc
Fairy lights
More lamps than you need
Candles - the scented kind in jars, beeswax ones in holders, tea lights in unexpected containers
Mid-century chairs
Leafy green plants
Retro salt and pepper shakers
Carefully considered clutter
Industrial shelving


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