October 1, 2012

Pretty And Shiny

I'm not going to lie, I squealed like a girl (which I am, so it's okay) when I slipped the lid off the big black and gold box that was waiting for me on the doorstep when I got home.

There inside lies the most amazing hairdryer the world has ever known. I have veritable cascades of troublemaking hair and I've hair-dryed it almost every morning all my adult life, so I consider myself somewhat of an expert when it comes to these things.

This bad boy has 2100 watts to give, but is actually a nice size and shape, so people with mops like mine who take ages to dry don't have to be swapping hands every 10 seconds to stop their wrists breaking. It has advanced ionic technology, which I think just means you get really shiny, non-frizzy hair when you use it. It's also very sleek and matte black with super glossy detailing, so easy on the eye. All important factors.

A gift from ghd, who are celebrating what they're calling National Good Hair Day on October 4th. Yes, astute readers, I too suspect it's a marketing gimmick and not a real national holiday for anyone, but it will be a pretty good day for whoever wins the prize they're offering alongside it.

Return flights to Sydney, two nights in a luxury Sydney hotel, a $1000 Ksubi voucher (I know! Want!), 12 complementary blow-dries and a black and gold pack of goodies a bit like mine, including the ghd air dryer. To win you just go here and upload a photo of your 'good hair day' or hash tag
#goodhairday on Instagram or Twitter.

I've just had a bit of a look through the photos already up and it's a pretty mixed bag, to put it politely. So I feel like you have a very good chance. Oh and if you do win, think of me? *cough Ksubi voucher cough*


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