October 18, 2012

Deadly Ponies

Oopsie daisies, I just bought this Deadly Ponies bag I've been eyeing for a while. Smiley face.

I've been working like mad lately and was having terrible cravings for treats. So I treated myself.

This little chap's official name is Mr Mini Chain Mail. How sweet is he?

He's cut from buttersoft deer skin and comes in a whole bunch of beautiful surprising colours like canary yellow and dusty rose. I hovered for days over the ink version, but in the end my practical New Zealand nature won and I opted for black. Sorry!

He has a big brother too, who has furry chains (nicer than it sounds!). I would like him too. Best I go do some more work then…



  1. Hi there i'm interested in buying this bag, is it a good bag? do you recommend it to me over the other dead ponies bags? cheers


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