October 9, 2012


Not only is this the flashest and most technologically-advanced piece of workout-wear I've ever laid eyes on, they're also the raddest leggings I've ever owned, generally.

Meet the Krypton legging, by Lucas Hugh. Designed by Anjhe Mules, born and bred in the fair country of New Zealand but more of a Londoner these days.

Lucas Hugh is literally the best and coolest thing in activewear, and yes you're probably thinking, "What about Stella?!", but I'm not alone (Net-a-Porter, Harrods, Harvey Nichols and Browns are all stockists) in thinking that Lucas Hugh has all the cool factor and fashion steez, but has also gone next level in terms of fabrics, research, smart details and the like.

For example, these leggings are cut from high-tech fabrics, have things like fused seams, all kinds of good-looking means of ventilation, and sleek internal pockets for keys and for iPhones. And if nothing else, they make me actually want to exercise. Most of the time.

The kaleidoscopic digital print is created from a work by Russian-born London-based artist Anna Sudbina (nice little Q&A here if you're interested), which in turn was created using polarised scientific imagery - minerals, meteorites etc. Mind. Blown.

Aside from the print, the thing that's exciting me most about these leggings (it's the little things in life, I believe) are the opalescent metallic panels at the hip. It's hard to capture how pretty they are with my iPhone, but they shift and shimmer from pinks to greens to silvers and I do believe if I ever happen to be out exercising in low light conditions, I might just not get run over.

Pretty pleased, can you tell?


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  1. Love them. But they're too cute for exercising in x


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