October 8, 2012

The Chloé Alphabet

There's no brand like Chloé. Most girls who dream about French fashion at some point (or always) dream about Chloé. 

What the brand is, and has been since it began in 1952, is very difficult for us Chloé dreamers to put into words, so instead they've begun compiling a unique catalogue of imagery, thoughts, ideas, memories (and dreams) that we can all share.

The premise is this - "The Alphabet is inspired by the Chloé founder, Gaby Aghion, and her use of an unusual alphabetised naming convention for collections and garments. Through The Alphabet, the rich Chloé heritage is told: themes and stories relating to all 26 letters are brought to life via film, previously unseen archive imagery, past advertising, music and editorial. Each letter’s content is released exclusively by a respected fashion blogger, before appearing…"

There are only 10 'letters' released for now. I've watched all the films and they are lovely, particularly 'H' for Horses, 'L' for Light and 'O' for, well, O's.

But the true must-see is 'G', which takes us on a delightful stroll through the life of Gaby Aghion. Not least to see a very youthful bearded Karl Lagerfeld striking a pose in a pyjama-suit.


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