January 5, 2013

Spa Day

I've spent the better part of the last few weeks either at the beach or in close proximity to a tent, and neither location really lends itself to self-preservation. 

I've been repeatedly drenched in saltwater, done without a hairbrush and hairdryer, made do with cleansing wipes and sunscreen in place of moisturiser, got a little sunburned and a lot windswept, and at points had access only to a very refreshing cold shower.

Back to civilisation now though and thought the time was definitely right for a spa day.

With a big snuggly Karen Walker towel to wrap up in, the ingredients for this include:

- Wooden body brush. I interviewed Miranda Kerr a while back and she swore by these for lovely buzzed-up skin, so I thought I'd give it a try.

- Green tea with jasmine. I'm four cups in…

- Aesop shampoo, conditioner, Parsley Seed cleansing masque and anti-oxidant facial treatments.

- Organic Care Systems Power Build treatment. My London hairdresser recommended this to me for my long, long hair. It is very, very good.

- Moroccanoil, post-treatment treatment.

- A generous slather of Sans Baobab body cream.

- Grace Coddington's memoirs.

- A nice girly shade of sparkling pink Chanel nail colour (for my toes).


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