August 27, 2012

Momo Marant

I am now the rather delighted owner of what some in the business might call a trophy jacket. 

Meet Momo, by Etoile Isabel Marant. It's definitely one of the more decorative jackets I've owned, but admittedly my tastes could be branded somewhat on the staid side, so the slim shoulder pads, kaleidoscope of jewel colours and shots of metallic thread are all pretty fancy in my books. So just a small trophy then. Third place in table tennis.

I love how simple the cut is, snug and tailored, collarless, classic but with just a touch of stretch to ensure it's comfortable, sitting somewhere between cardigan and blazer. The perfect piece to add a touch of magic to anything from jeans and a tee (my usual) to something more grown-up.


Images via MNZ

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